Thursday, October 27, 2016


Our hand rainbow and rainbow wishes

Our rainbows - Roy G. Biv 

We dressed up in New Zealand gear for "SAVE THE KIWI" Day.

Our rainbow 3D hot air balloons.

We made a rainbow using a hosepipe.  We learnt that we have to stand with our backs to the sun.

We made 3D rainbows.

After listening to "The Rainbow Fish" read by Ernest Borgnine on youtube, we created our very own rainbow fish with glittery scales.

We used 'm & m's to watch the colours swirling and making a rainbow effect.

 We made 'traffic light jelly'.  It took a few days to make, as we had to let each colour set before adding the next colour.

Look!  Traffic light jelly!!!

Yum!!!  We got to eat our 'traffic light jelly' in class time.

We did 'Catch a rainbow' experiment.  We poured milk in a bowl, then added food colouring and lastly a drop of dishwasher and watched the colours swirling.

 We made beautiful rainbow eyes.

We did a cabbage experiment and added lemon to one container.  It changed the purple cabbage juice to red, because lemons are an acid.

We did a beetroot experiment.  It changed the colour of the fabric to a dark pink colour.

We made a field of coloured flowers with oil pastels and dye.

We did a flower experiment.  We watched our white flowers change colours.

 We made a lava lamp.

We blew bubbles with soap and water.  It worked better on black plastic.

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